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  • Bryan says:

    It was ME! I recommended this film because I love it! First, I want to clear up a plot point you guys seemed confused about. Obviously the original Count Dracula was an alien. He came to earth and established dominion over a region under the name Vlad Tepes. Of course he named it after his home planet as all explorers have done throughout history. Second, rather than no writers this movie screams to me that it had too many writers. My guess is that it started as a passion project by someone who was a Bram Stoker scholar but then got bastardized through countless re-writes as it eventually turned into a 2 AM Showtime film. Third, the only thing better than cringe worthy dialogue is seeing it performed by the worst D-list actors a generation had to offer. Last, how many of your other films would have benefited from not ending but rather just stopping while everyone explodes for some reason? Last again, how many other films can you think of where Tiny Lister acted circles around the rest of the cast?

  • Gare says:

    Another great one, guys! Still waiting for an “Uncle Vincent” show! 😉

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