Son of Godzilla (1967)

Son of Godzilla

Godzilla’s very own Scrappy Doo enters the fold as Son of Godzilla steps up for the Godzilla marathon.

Scientists experimenting with changes in weather on a tropical island get more than they bargained for when Godzilla shows up to battle humongous insects and protect his newborn child.

Movie Information: Son of Godzilla
Synopsis: In this Japanese monster movie, the massive Godzilla comes to the aid of his newborn son, who hatches from an egg on a remote island where scientists are conducting experiments with radioactivity. Revealing a surprising paternal streak, Godzilla tries to teach his much smaller progeny how to use his powers. The father/son team must then battle giant insects, including praying mantises and a formidable spider. Can Godzilla protect his curious tike from the gargantuan bugs?

Release date: December 16, 1965

Director: Jun Fukuda

Box office: 260 million JPY

Music by: Masaru Satô

Screenplay: Shin’ichi Sekizawa, Kazue Shiba

Produced By: Tomoyuki Tanaka

Movie Poster: Son of Godzilla

Son of Godzilla Poster

Movie Rating: Son of Godzilla

“I thought I was coming into this undecided, but then I realized, who am I fooling here?”

Brandon Peters
“This does not even pass the Raids Again test.”

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