Ebirah Horror of the Deep (1966)


Brandon and Cullen take to sea as they continue their path of destruction through the Showa Era Godzilla films.

A young man steals a boat to find his brother, but he and his shipmates become shipwrecked on a mysterious island inhabited by a giant sea monster and a slumbering Godzilla.

Movie Information: Ebirah Horror of the Deep
Synopsis: Godzilla and Mothra put aside their differences to battle a giant crustacean that can regenerate its broken limbs.

Release date: December 17, 1966

Director: Jun Fukuda

Box office: $1.2 Million (Estimated)

Music by: Masaru Satô

Screenplay: Shin’ichi Sekizawa

Produced By: Tomoyuki Tanaka

Movie Poster: Ebirah Horror of the Deep

Ebirah Poster

Movie Rating: Ebirah Horror of the Deep

“This is the Friday the 13th Part VII of Godzilla movies.”

Brandon Peters
“I came in certain I was going to stay with my family, but I think I’m going to give it an apathetic converted.”

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