Alyssa Milano’s 1988 Teen Workout Video

Due to a recording error, Cult Cinema Cavalcad will not be able to deliver our Star Trek VS episode today.  Fear not, as it is coming later this week.
As we always promise a new episode every other Monday, we’ve decided to share with you our actual first episode, Alyssa Milano’s ‘Teen Steam’.  Labeled “Episode 0”, Cullen & Brandon did a test run of Cult Cinema Cavalcade before The Wizard of Speed and Time.  Unreleased to the public, they now share this original episode with you as both a thank you for your continued listening and an apology for not having the Star Trek episode release on time.
There is some new content at the top of the episode as Cullen and Brandon respond to some tweets and comments they’ve received since the last episode.
Teen Steam poster

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